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Rigadoon Enterprises - As the Wheel Turns... 

Updates of Amy’s travels across the United States, Mexico and Canada! See map, stories and photos below of the many places gone in the pass. 

The Long Awaited Alaska Story - enjoy what's there as it's about 20 pages long! Pictures are included for your viewing pleasure! Click Here for the Whole Story

Winter is a time to slow down and do some of those projects that have been on the wayside. It was time to teardown the dead “Mule”. The poor ole 1978 Beemer needed to be put to rest since the engine is shot. All those spare parts for trips on my R80/7 was a good way to look at it!!! Plus it’s good to do this process as it teaches me more about this model of bike. Tore off all of the electrical, ignition, fuses, nuts and bolts, etc… for my parts collection. Rebuilt carbs make a good spares at that too. With Ron’s help we tore the engine out too. Now it sits on the bench waiting on a teardown next. I look at the empty bent frame as another possible yard ornament! 

It seems as if playing with motorcycles makes me more eager to ride this coming spring!

The Story Will Continue As The Wheel Turns…

More Work to Do!

Teardown R100 BMW

How I got my 1978 R80/7 BMW with Sidecar... Read On!

Early June 2007 I took my 1978 R100/7 BMW motorcycle down to John Maynard’s “Classic Cycle” near Parkersburg, West Virginia to have it looked over and see what was needed to repair it.  Only to find out that – “was known” was to replace the heads, gaskets, a pushrod, and a main frame.  It seems as if this bike was “a can of worms”.  It would cost near as much as getting another bike instead and use this one as a donor bike.  Odd it seemed that John had one of his own 1978 R80/7 sitting there.  I tried to get him to sell to me, but the answer was “No”.  

I went home knowing that all that time spent on my R100/7 went to the dogs.  All the way home it was “Should of - Could of“.  A week or two went by and the next time I talked to John it was, “Thinking about it” in selling his bike.  Another week or two went by then it he would sell it.  “SOLD”!

I went home with my new bike and attached a brand new Ural sidecar frame with a metal platform. Took it for a spin, stood back and said “This is better than a pick-up truck!”  Thus came up with the name “Amy’s Pick-Up Truck”.  It runs great with 45,000 miles, new rings and gaskets!!!  I plan to use it for doing craft shows and long distance travels.  This opens the book for may more stories to tell……..   

See Ya On The Road,


"Thee Old Man" 1978 R80/7 BMW with platform sidecar

"Thee Old Man" 1978 R80/7 BMW with platform sidecar



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