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Marbles are One of a Kind items handmade with glass. 

These handmade glass marbles are made with a technique called lampworking. A torch is used to melt the glass and then the colors are layered one at a time. A graphite paddle is used to shape the molten glass into a sphere. They are then cooled slowly overnight in a kiln that prevents them from cracking.

Each Marble comes with a single plastic ring stand and gift tag, they are priced individually so please refer to the photos and descriptions below.

Blues, Orange and Dichroic Highlights
About 1 around

Large Pretty with Pink and Aqua
About 1 around

Small Blueberry Marble 
About 1 1/8 around

Large Chocolate Marble 
About 1 around

Small Mustard/Teal/Purple Marble 
About 1 around

 Small Red/Black/White/Dichroic Marble 
About 1 around

* Due to the Handmade Quality of Each Piece, Please Understand that EACH PIECE will have some Variations in Size and Color.
All Beads, Marbles, Jewelry, and Enamels Come with a Gift Tag.

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