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Beads| Bead Shapes - Fetish and Totem Beads

These beads are in shapes and colors of foods, planets, wildlife, holidays (Easter, Halloween, and Christmas), farm animals along with folks and even house pets. Every imaginable shape can be done. Here’s just a sample and I always love custom requests! Some of the shapes shown – Veggies, Fruit, Farm Animals, Clowns, People, Fish….See below for photos and details descriptions of the shapes. Items marked sold are available to be made again but they will be different from what is pictured.

Fetish - the word, as found in the dictionary, means a material commonly as an inanimate object, regarded with awe as being the embodiment or habitation of a potent spirit, having magical potency because of the materials and methods used in compounding it.

They are more or less about ½” – 1” long. Small 1MM. size hole. All Beads are made of Moretti Transparent, Opaque, or of Opalescent Glass. Great for stringing onto a Necklace, Earrings and Bracelets as “Center Point” Beads. 

If you are making Earrings and want them to match please specify a “match set”.  Custom Orders Are Welcomed!!!

$8.00 each: Broccoli, Carrots, Mushroom, Strawberry, Watermelon, Tomato, Apple, Turnip, and Grapes

$8.00 Mushroom Fetish (without finding)

~SOLD~ $50.00 Set of Chicken and Chicks

$8.00 each Peppermints and Spearmints

$10.00 each Pine Tree in Snow
$8.00 each
Snowman and Reindeer

$8.00 each Christmas Lights

$10.00 Santa Head Bead

$10.00 Angel Bead

$10.00 Happy Clown Head

$8.00 each Sunny Face Bead

$15.00 Mama Pig and Baby Pig Set or $8.00 each

$8.00 each Small Pig and Chickie
Large Black and White Cow

$8.00 Small Brown and Cream Cow

$8.00 each: Jack-O-Lantern, Boo Ghost, Black Kitty Face, Candy Corn Pictured - Yellow/Orange/Lt. Brown (not pictured - White/Orange/Yellow) 

~SOLD~ $50.00 Set of 8 Planet Beads

$8.00 each Ying Yang Bead

$100.00 Set of 5 Goddess Beads

$23.00 Earth Goddess Bead

$28.00 "Rainbow Trout" 

Each about 1 inch long.

Sold with or without wire to make into a charm or necklace.

$95.00 Rune Set - Ivory Glass with pressed Rune

Comes with Rune Identification Sheet

$5.00 per Rune

For Rune General Information Sheet Click Here

$28.00 "Birds of a Feather Flock Together"  without wire.

Each about 1 inch long.

Sold with or without wire to make into a charm or necklace.

$28.00 "Chickadee Bird in Flight" ~ Close up

Each about 1 inch long.

Sold with or without wire to make into a charm or necklace.


* Due to the Handmade Quality of Each Piece, Please Understand that EACH PIECE will have some Variations in Size and Color.
All Beads, Marbles, Jewelry, and Enamels Come with a Gift Tag.

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