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Welcome to Rigadoon Glass Studios! Lampworked Beads by Amy Jean Nichols.

Amy's work has been showcased in places such as 
The White House Collection of American Crafts
and The National Museum of American Art.

Today beads are collected - they are tiny, desired objects of art in the miniature. 
Welcome to a fine - one of a kind handmade - glass bead gallery and wearable art collection.

rig∑a∑doon (rĭg'ə-dōōn')   n.
  1. A lively jumping quickstep for two couples.
  2. Music for this dance, usually in rapid duple meter

Thus becoming a good name for Amy Jeanís motorcycle with a sidecar. The name being so unique it soon became a name for Amy Jeanís business too!

Image of tune 00000ed0

"This is the exact representation of what I do.  Be it in the studio with glass and flames or enamel creating the wonderful art you see within these pages or on the trail with my trusty 1973 R75/5 BMW with a sidecar."
~ Amy Jean Nichols - WindBlownAmy

Amy's 5th Generation Farmhouse and Studio

Farmer working Soybean on the Farm



* Due to the Handmade Quality of Each Piece, Please Understand that EACH PIECE will have some Variations in Size and Color.
All Beads, Marbles, Jewelry, and Enamels Come with a Gift Tag.

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